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Croswell Student Tours

Croswell Student Tours is pleased to present a wonderful educational experience for all ages!

We are confident that we can offer the best possible student tour packages specifically designed for each individual student group. We offer predetermined packaged destinations, and we are confident that our tour packages will provide the maximum experience within the framework of competitive pricing and length of stay. In fact, we feel that we can offer more for the money than any other tour company now specializing in student travel.

Please contact our Croswell Student Tour Specialist at your convenience and we will be happy to meet with you and discuss further all our student tours. We assure you our entire staff will do everything possible to make sure your students receive a wonderful educational experience.

Trust Experience. Trust Safety First. Trust A Family Owned and Operated Business.

Teachers learn more about student tours here!

Thank you in advance for considering Croswell Student Tours. 

Contact a Tour Administrator for more details.

Mindy Cahall:  513-724-2206 x134

Melissa Taylor: 513-724-2206 x121

Ingrid Anderson: 513-724-2206 x135